...so can I just say how much fun I'm having quilting up some of my quilts with no guilt attached!  I loaded my "Urban Pods" quilt yesterday.

I've had this quilt pieced for some time and never really LOVED it....so yesterday I put a border on the top and bottom which helped and now that I'm quilting it up....I'm liking it so much more!!

One of my favorite blogs, is Judi's, from Green Fairy Quilts.  I met her in Salt Lake at Spring Market.  She is so..so..sweet and cute as can be!  She is an amazing quilter and pattern maker and I admire her work!  I saw these oblong pebbles on a quilt she's working on the other day....thanks so much for the inspiration Judi!  

October 20, 2011 by Jenny


Laurel Early

Laurel Early said:

I am making this quilt for my sister in law with white, light tan, and a white batik which has touches of lt. tan and lt. gray in it. She loved the quilting you did on the pattern. Question, “How did you quilt the green/gray portion of this quilt?” I would love to see a picture of that if possible. Thanks so much. I’m enjoying using the curve ruler!


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