Quilt Guild

Every 2 months a group of us quilters....longarm or home machines quilters get together and talk business and quilting.  It's usually a small group of us and we alternate the use of our homes to hold the meetings.  I had such a good time today! We always have a show-n-tell and had some goodies today!

This is Jo Ann's quilt "American Woman"!!
How cool is that quilt!  She has a Statler Stitcher and designed this quilt digitally.  It's layered applique all done up on her computerized longarm quilt machine.   It's really quite amazing close up.  I'm still in amazement!!  She entered it in the Northwest Expo and won a ribbon for it.  I'm thinking were going to see this around much...much...more!

This is one of Cindy's customer quilts.  How lovely is that!  It's an old quilt that had been all hand pieced.  Cindy did an amazing job on it.  Perfect type of quilting for this quilt!  Her customer is going to be very pleased!!

I showed a couple of my quilts, "Urban Beads" and "Urban Candy" and they were all very encouraging!

I had such a great time, just what I needed to break up a big and busy work week!


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