Grrrr!!! Good day gone bad!

My good day just went so bad!!  I was accomplishing so much and then this:

Happily did a whole row of a smaller than average meander on a customer quilt and then saw my BAD TENSION on the back after advancing the quilt!!  So inconvenient!  Yes...this means I take the quilt off the machine lay it out on the floor and start snipping the threads on the back so I can rip it all out!  

After some investigation I found out my pre-wound bobbin was a not so good one.   It was wound tighter than it should be and so my bottom tension was too tight!  This never happens to me!  And I'm mad at myself that I didn't catch this! 
There are some inconveniences to being a longarm quilter and this is definitely one of them.  I don't know one longarm quilter that hasn't had tension issues at one time or another.

This will take me well over an hour to pick out and my "I'm accomplishing so much today" turned out to be a grrrr.... day!  I've got patterns to right up and I just lost well over an hour....and so there you have it.  My good day gone bad!
I better get to snipping and picking...


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