Tattered old quilt...fixed

If you can believe it....this quilt use to look like this!!

I was asked by a friend if I could fix this for her friend.  This quilt meant a lot to her.  It was her Grandmas and was used a lot!  I said sure!  Um....why I said that I don't know?  This was tucked away for a few months waiting to be done and when I pulled it out yesterday..I totally forgot what it looked like!  I almost didn't do it.  Then last night I thought..okay...it can't be that hard.  So this is what I did:

I took my 14" square up ruler and cut out as many 14" squared as I could.   Then I cut out as many 7 1/4" rectangles as I could and then I cut out as many 7 1/4" squares as I could.

I was also given some shirts and an old apron that I could use in the quilt if needed and this is what I did:

I cut out a 14 1/2" square, then cut it in half to make two rectangles.  
Then I pieced all my smaller pieces together to form 14" squares.  So now all I had were 14" square to sew together.  This took about 3 hours.  Next was the easy part and that was quilting it and adding the binding...The binding was a light turquoise color I thought worked great.  And there you have it!  

I like how I got a bunch of different size squares and rectangles not...on purpose.  And since they were all a bit wonky I thought some straight line quilting would give it some symmetry.


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