Curve Love

Once upon a time there was a girl named Jenny who loved to quilt.  She was a very safe quilter and never tried anything very difficult.  One day she found a pattern that she fell in love with.  The only problem with the pattern is that is was full of curves!  Jenny had the option to piece the curve blocks or hand applique them.  Well she never thought she could ever piece them because it would have been way to hard, so she hand appliqued all the blocks and it took her a very...very...long time!  

Well...Jenny got burned out with those curve blocks and tucked them far far away.  She never thought she would ever do another quilt that had a curve in it again! day she was playing around with a shape...uh yes a curve shape with the only intention to raw edge applique and to her surprise was amazed by it's potential!  Jenny's friend Pam told her that piecing curves really was not that hard and that she should try it.  So, Jenny googled "how to piece a curve block" and watched step by step instructions on how to do this.  She sat down and did it!  She pieced her first curve block!  The block, when finished, looked very wonky and uneven.  Jenny was a bit frustrated but kept on piecing the curves and after many...many curves she actually started to enjoy them very much.  The only thing is she still had some pretty wonky blocks.  Jenny was not following a pattern, so she had an idea and that was to square all the blocks up and wa la!!  A perfect squared up block!  

So...long story short Jenny has since made many quilts with that evil curve she has grown to love!  In fact she made a ruler, a specially designed curve ruler that has made cutting curves out easier and better yet it's a square up ruler too!  She is hoping to have her ruler ready along with many patterns very soon.  It's been a year since Jenny discovered her love for curves and she is so excited to share what she has made using curves and what she has yet to make!  

This is Jenny's quilt story of how she conquered a fear of piecing curves and has come to love them very much! 

The curved quilts above are absolutely stunning!  Thanks for the inspirations!

September 09, 2011 by Jenny

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