First order..."Quick Curve Ruler"

Well....I've put it off long enough!  I've put in my first ruler order today.  I'll have to say I'm a bit anxious...nervous...scared...excited...unsure!!!!

Back in April I received this in the mail:

 After some changes on my first proto-type...the 2nd one came which I've used a lot and am happy with.

This means I've got a lot to do this coming month.  Definitely have some deadlines to finish up for customer quilts then I can finish my patterns up.  My rulers should be ready in about a month and then my patterns will need to be tested.  I have wonderful friends and family that have volunteered to help me out with that...although some of them may not know yet!   

So with all that said.  I'm hoping everything will be ready to go in October. 

and one more thing....I wanted to say thanks to my friend Katie for coming over on Sunday.  Little does she know how much she has encouraged me to plunge forward with my patterns and ruler!  

Thanks Katie!


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