Vacation Pictures!

First off...THANKS SO MUCH to all those who commented on my "Urban Beads" quilt.  That was quite a surprise when I got back from vacation!  It totally made my day!!

Here's a few pictures from my vacation at Banks Lake....Grand Coulee Dam!

My oldest Taylor and Nephew Blair

My youngest Toby..future jet skier

this is of 10 dogs that showed up

Trayton and Brooke with Brooke's friend Jilian

I think I gave about 15 haircuts while there

Taylor, jet skiing

Came home on Jared's Birthday, stopped for a Birthday lunch


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Oh and we picked up a little something on the way home!!  His name is Coulee!

I had such a great time!!  This vacation was my first week and last week I went to Girls Camp for my church.  I didn't bring my camera, so no pictures :(

I'm really anxious to getting back to business and working on my patterns now!!

...okay what in the heck is the highlighted words on my blog now and does anyone know how I can get them off?

figured it out!!  No more weird highlighted words!! 

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