...so I never thought I would ever quilt with my mouse!  Well that's what I worked on over the weekend.  Virtual quilting on my computer!  I will have to say I'm quite proud of my self.  I didn't think I could do it and I done it pretty good...figuring out this Adobe..In Design program that is!!

I am working on this pattern right now.  And I've actually enjoyed it!  Although I made a major mess up yesterday morning and deleted everything I did.  I was just sick...It was gone,  I couldn't find it anywhere?  So I had to start all over...It did go much faster the second time though.
...question and advice?  

Should I release a pattern at a time...or all patterns "so far" at the same time?


...update!!  Since I was feeling way to confident when writing this post about my computer skills...I go do it again!  Yep I deleted everything I did again....and this time I had more done! 

sometimes you have to learn the hard way!

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