Blogger's Quilt Festival

I'm participating in the Spring "Blogger's Quilt Festival" today!
This quilt is called "Fresh Escape".

This quilt is my own pattern and inspired me for a few reasons.  The first one was conquering curves!  Actually really quite fact I fell in love with sewing curves that I created a ruler called the "Quick Curve Ruler".  I plan on releasing this ruler soon along with quilt patterns that can be made using the ruler! 

This quilt also inspired me to re-do my family room.  I finished the makeover just a couple of weeks ago and love it!!

..and here is a picture of the quilt before and after the quilting

 I called this quilt "Fresh Escape" because I started working on my own quilts again after a dry spell of about 3 years.  I am a longarm quilter and did not give myself time to do my own quilting.  So this was my "fresh escape" and I was reminded of how much I love to quilt.  I am starting on a path that I love and am excited for what is to come!

Thanks Amy for making this happen!  It's so great that we are connecting with other quilters all over the world and you made it happen!


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