A little inspiration at just the right time

...sometimes inspiration comes just when you need it.  Last weekend, despite everything..I took time to go to an event and listened to some amazing and inspirational speakers and music on a spiritual level.

Jared ruptured a disc in his lower back beginning of last week and has been bed ridden ever since.  I had to focus all my attention on him and wouldn't have had it any other way.  Unfortunately house work is behind...customers quilts are behind and I have been feeling a lot of pressure with everything.  But one thing I realized after listening to these amazing speakers and music...is that you have to move forward a day at a time...not dwell on the negative...know that I'm not alone...and most important,  remember to take time for prayer and scripture study and everything else will fall in to place.  

We did pin point Jared's injury and now we know how to treat it so he will start healing and feeling better.  That is a blessing!  Thanks to my kids that have helped me and continue to help me with the house!  And thanks to my sweet customers for being patient with me.


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