Add button's to your pillow....Tutorial

pillow before button's

need..yarn, 2 buttons and large needle

make a not at the end of the want the yarn the same length because you want to double it while sewing the button on to make it more durable

you want to hide your not under the button

bring your needle up through the button

then back down a different hole

while squeezing the pillow together in the center push the needle through to the other side in the center of the pillow

add your other the needle through

now each time you run the needle back and forth between the two buttons...make sure to pull tight on the yarn...that's what will squeeze the centers together

I went back and forth enough times that the squeezed part of the pillow held together real tight without me having to hold the yarn tight...then at this point you run the needle through to the other side and snip off the need to make a not

I didn't worry about what holes I was threading the yarn in and out of....after I was done it looked sort of organic looking because it did fuzz a bit

and now you have a not so boring pillow!

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