Finished Mom's Quilt I finished mom's quilt and thanks for the comments on the last post!  

It's evening here so the pictures are a bit dark...but I wanted to say a bit more on how the quilting went.  

My lines are anywhere from a little less than an inch to about a 1/4 of an inch.  I don't measure I just eye ball it.  And I turn my speed way up so I can go pretty fast across the quilt, that speeds up the process.  My thread did break a few times on the way back.  For some reason longarms don't like to go backwards.  My machine does pretty good but I still have breakage every so often.  If you don't have channel lock you can use clamps.  If you can find a place to clamp your machine to the the base that sits on your up down rollers than your machine won't move up and down.   And I did add my binding while on the now I need to just stitch it hand or by machine. 

The quilt is pretty heavy...having used 2 batting's, but my mom should love it in the cold winters in Salt Lake City.

Love ya mom!


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