Hooded Towel Tutorial

You need a towel, hand towel and ribbon about 18" long.

For the hood, cut the hand towel in half.

Sew the ribbon across the smooth part of the towel.

Make sure to sew down the sides too.
Fold over and sew top edge.  Depending on the towel...I stitched two lines on the fold.

This is what it looks like on the front.
Fold towel in half and cut an arc out of the corner.

Turn inside out and stitch along the edge just cut.  I stitched twice to reinforce it.

This is what it looks like turned right side out.

The top edge here in the picture is what gets sewed to the towel.

Find the center of the long edge of the towel.

Pin the center of the hood to the center of the towel edge.

Make two pleats on each side of the pinned center.

Pin the pleats and the edges two the towel.  Then sew on.  I sew twice to reinforce it and make sure to back stitch on the edges.

As you can see when doing it this way with a hand towel instead of a wash rag, gives you a nice big hood.  My 12 year old still wears her yellow hooded towel from when she was a baby!

This is my 9 year old.  The hood fits very nice on her cute little head.

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Margaret Burwell

Margaret Burwell

Cannot wait to try these!

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