So much on my mind...I just lay there and think...think...and think some more.  I have one more day to finish up doing my family room's face lift before I have to get back to my quilting business, school, work, taxes...

I love how a little paint can totally change a look!

This is what they use to look like.

I have two of these..they sit on each side of my husbands huge T.V. (that's Toby) and after doing all that I've done, these stood out like a sore thumb!!
Well this is when my hubby comes in..He professionally refinishes pianos and he kindly said yes to "do you think you could spray these black...cause they really don't go in here!"  Oh how I love him!!

 And just a bit about husband works for the family business "Pedigo Piano's".  Well after 15 years of marriage we finally got a piano, free that is and yep it's going down stairs!  It definitely does not fit.  

I know I sound like I'm trying to make it just right..but if you can paint it.. why not and if you can move it to another room.. then why not!
Now I must get some sleep!

...and can I just say that I can put a quilt together faster than putting curtains together!!!!


April 09, 2011 by Jenny

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