Call me crazy!!

Okay....I can't take it anymore!  I'm changing up my family room this week!  I'm painting..changing the curtains..painting frames..end tables!  The only expense should be the paint.  Everything else will stay the same with a little face lift.  I'll try to take pictures as I go, so you can see the before and after pictures!!

I finally found the right shade of gray.   I've fallen in love with gray and brought home a few samples last week to put on the wall and hated them!!  They looked like aluminum!  Then I remembered Oh Fransson's post.  The type of paint and color she used was Behr Paint!!  Ummm...don't tell my work (Lowes)  that I had to go down to the Home Depot and get a sample of this paint.  I'm sorry Lowes!!  I still love you!  So I tried it and of course loved it!!  

The kids have this week off for spring break and I'm some what caught up on customer quilts, so I thought this would be a good week to paint! 

Anyway.. I'll take lot's of pictures and share how it go's.  

 Here's a couple of pictures of what it looks like now...very done with those curtains and definitely changing the lamp shade!!!

Off to Home Depot...shhhhh!


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