Coordinating color for "Dream On" I fell in love with this layer cake, "Dream On" by Urban Chicks for Moda and have come up with the perfect pattern for it.  I hope?  Anyway,  I haven't started it, because I'm stumped as to what color to coordinate with all these pastels.  1/2 of the quilt is going to be the solid color, so I really want to make sure I choose the right one.  I've narrowed it down to these colors.  Would love to know what you think!!  I'm open to other colors too.

  ..some of my thoughts...The white seems to be the obvious choice.  The problem is, some of the blocks have a lot of white in them and there wouldn't be enough contrast.

...the gray is pretty dark.  I have a couple of lighter shades?

...I love the green.  But it will be a lot of green, considering it will be 1/2 of the quilt.

...and the yellow is pretty bright,  and it might remind of Easter every time I look at the quilt.

...I'm leaning towards the natural linen.  But will it have enough contrast?  

...any thoughts?


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