Inspiration Friday

1. quilted patchwork pillow cover - front, 2. plus quilt, 3. "Color Play", 4. Retro, 5. KJR kaleidoscope pillow, 6. Fun quilt finished, 7. Tumbling Cubes, 8. Baby Dylan's HST Quilt, 9. Single Girl Quilt Top (king size)

...also, yesterday I finally came up with how I'm going to use my black/white stash.  I really struggled with how I wanted to showcase the fabric.  I thought for 2 day's non stop black and and and white....and finally came up with a design.  And as I was starting to cut it out,  I came up with something totally different and it's exactly what I was trying to achieve with this fabric!  I was so excited!  I used my proto-type ruler and this is what I have so far!

Have a great weekend and happy sewing!!


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