It's doing nothing for me

 ..first of all I've been sick again this week!  I finally started an antibiotic today for a sinus infection that apparently has not gone away...and of course I had 2 shop hop quilts to quilt this week and a Sew Expo quilt.  I got through the shop hop quilts and loaded the  Sew Expo one today. 

...question?  Do you ever find your self so excited to start something.. in my case this project you see here.  And then when you start putting it together, it does nothing for you.  Well I'm kinda going through that with this.  

I've pieced about half of the blocks and like it, but I don't love it.  I kinda wish I used orange instead of green.  Ugh....I hate that.. I'll just keep putting it together and hope when I am all done with it I will love it.  I may find myself doing another one with orange. (I've collected some yummy oranges)

...but I guess you never know.  About a month ago I put together a quilt and thought I definitely wouldn't like it, then when I was all done...I loved it!  It's one of my favorite quilts.  

I can't wait to share all my quilt's with you!  I'm really excited!  I have about 4 more to design and then I need to write up the patterns.  Anyone knowledgeable in writing up quilting patterns?  Or know of a good program to use for that?  


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