Sewing pet peeves! before I talk about a few of my many sewing pet peeves, I wanted to show my 100 block's I squared up sitting in front of the T.V.  while my husband and oldest boy watched some basketball

I love that look.. a beautiful stack of completely squared up blocks, all ready to be put together to create a design!  I used my prototype ruler for this and it worked out great.  I do need to add a grid on the outer edge of the ruler for squaring up though.

Now for my sewing pet peeves!

I have been doing these a lot lately to the point I thought it would be a good thing to blog about.  Because I know we all have our sewing pet peeves!

I have many but wanted to share 3 in particular with you today:

Pet Peeve #1:
 ..many times, more than I want to admit, I break my needle.  My sewing machines have button's on the front right that I accidentally push once in a while...well that changes the stitch...usually a zigzag stitch, which will reposition my needle to the left or right...well when I start sewing again my needle go's right down on the part of my foot that does not allow my needle to go into and eeek!!! Another broken needle!

Pet Peeve #2 you can see in the picture I will sew the wrong side of the fabric...pick!

Pet Peeve #3
 ..that is an empty core of a pre-wound I know we all do this, I am sewing along all happy and carefree when I have discovered  by accident that I have ran out of bobbin thread and when?  Well way back...back...back..about 20 minutes ago or longer!  That is really annoying!!!
What's your sewing pet peeve or pet peeves?  


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