...so if you don't chain piece or know what it is...it's when you have multiple blocks to piece together and when stitching your two pieces together, rather than snipping your thread after and ironing, you simply leave it alone and sew your next piece together and the next and the next...until you have a whole bunch sewn together in one loooong chain.  This saves on thread and time.

..another thing I did today...as I working on a customer quilt on my beast of a longarm machine, I rewarded my self to sew 10 pieces together after each row I quilted.  After I was done with the quilt, I had sewed 60 pieces together for my quilt.  It felt good to accomplish two things at once!

...one more thing, if you notice the tape on my sewing machine.  I keep that there all the time as a guide when doing any piecing that requires a diagonal stitch from corner to corner, like half square triangles or piecing binding together.  The right edge of the tape is lined up and extended down from the middle of the foot.  It's great, you should try it out, if you don't all ready do it. 
February 15, 2011 by Jenny

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