I have absolutely fallen in love with gray and yellow and did up this quilt that I can't wait to share more with you later!

My son Taylor designed this little bird.  My birds were hilarious!

And some exciting news...I am in the process of designing a ruler for my patterns.   I have the proto type now, but need to make a couple of changes on it.   So..please be patient with me.  I can't wait!!

And for my friend Stacy...thanks for reading my posts!  I didn't realize you read them.  I adore you and am waiting for you to start your own little quilting blog!!  hint.. hint

I had fun the other day fabric shopping with my friend Pam.  I love watching and hearing her interpretation when it comes to fabric.  She notices the littlest things about fabric that I don't pay any attention too.  Thanks for spending time with me Pam, I found some pretty good stuff!

And one more thing...I am going to do up a black and white quilt using my new ruler.  Okay, I will tell you this.  I have yet to see a black and white quilt that I really like.  So this might be a challenge for me.  I am adding a third color which will help... and I am not going to have the fabrics sitting next to each other.  I think that is way to busy.  So I found these today and the prints are fantastic! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

January 18, 2011 by Jenny

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