Congratulations Lorna!  She was lucky number 75 and won 3 Sew Kind of Wonderful patterns.

Hope you all have a great weekend and get some much needed projects done....quilting projects that is!  

Jenny, Helen and Sherilyn
October 11, 2014 by Jenny



Mohd said:

Dear Anette. I have to say this. You without knniwog me, You have teached me a lot; you are an awesome person, the way you talk in this blog.Two years ago I was sad all the time (for many reasons)and then I heard NW (Maybe I should not say that) and I loved your voice and your grace; and I wanted to be like you haha. I started to read your blog a few months ago (and this is the first time I post a comment) and I was amazed the way you talk about life, about everything.Now, I consider myself your biggest fan. I read you are writing a book Isn’t right? I hope will be available in my country, and also I am wating for your first solo album.And this is all. I hope you keep being as you are now.With love from Me9xico. :)


Enjel said:

Hi Anette!A HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY birthday to you :).I don t have inrentet at the time at home (the cable is downstairs and was “killed” by the floods) so I went to an Internet cafe9 to congrat you :). It will last a bit until I can write and read your blog again, I miss it so :(. And you :(. But Pascal will return :D you won t get rid of me that easy :) :D.I don t have so much words at the moment because of tiredness (three weeks working in the house, with less sleep), so I just say I hope your day was fine and have a nice evening, ok? :) And you are so wonderful :).And please take always good care of yourself. You ll read from me again as soon as I can, ok? :)Hugs,Pascal

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