Check out those darling pumpkins! Helen put a spin on our Crazy Eights pattern in the our Contemporary Curved Quilts book and made a harvest table runner! Love it! :)
Helen is busy today! 3 bindings on 3 quilts in 3 hours...well that was her goal at least! Let's hope she achieved it!
Sherilyn is almost finished with her 2nd ciuchallenge.  She's trying to decide on sashing color(s).  A lot of great ideas on FB, and she'd appreciate more thoughts here! Please comment and give her some ideas. #ciuchallenge to IG and FB and upload your pictures to Flickr. The quilts we are seeing are AMAZING! :)
Also, check out Sherilyn's Chic Kisses! She's half way finished and really loves how it's coming together.  This pattern, along with Chic Shells, will be released soon! 
Helen and Jenny enjoyed some sisterly time together at the quilt show in Santa Clara, CA. The Quick Curve ruler, patterns and book were a big hit! Sherilyn will hopefully get to join them next time! 
Happy Quilting!
-Jenny, Helen, and Sherilyn-
Sew Kind of Wonderful

October 22, 2014 by Jenny



Angel said:

I bring in the first photo, don’t enlarge it, leave the cusror to the right of that photo. Bring in the second one and then play with it a few minutes trying to drag it and get it to go where you want it. I never get it on the first try and if I enlarge the photos, even though there is space for them side by side on the blog page, it won’t work in our small post design spot.


Aldana said:

How pretty!If it’s any cormfot, i also have a horrible time trying to get pictures where I want them in blogger!My husband’s best friend was #1 in the draft. We were in college and really sweating it. His number was pretty high, so he was able to finish school. Not a good time, but we are so thankful for those who served!

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