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November 07, 2014 by Jenny



Elonk said:

What an important mesgsae to be sharing Amelia! I can totally relate to what you are saying. I heard someone speaking just the other day about waking up in the middle of the night and jumping on Facebook like it was the normal thing to do! I see people in restaurants using social media instead of being present and spending real’ time with the people that they love. It’s important for us to keep in mind that the world is not going to fall apart if we are social media free for a couple of days. Time out’ means that we will have more of ourselves to give to the world to our friends, families and work. Thank you for this fabulous reminder. I’m off for a walk during my lunch break today without my phone. HURRAY! X


Euan said:

I can understand hiinttg in retaliation, in the heat of the moment, but it’s not really acceptable outside of the boxing ring. Hitting someone in self defence, enough to get them out of the way so you can escape that’s fair enough. Even lethal force if circumstances warrant it.Know It All: why would men need to learn to make anything look like self-defence ? If it’s actual self-defence, you’re not really going to be planning the presentation you’ll be concerned with survival. If it’s not self defence, then it’s assault or murder. Making assault or murder look like self-defence is called perverting the course of justice .


Arun said:

I’ve added a note to my email signature snttiag in a light-hearted way that I do not regularly check emails most weekdays between 3-8pm (kids home from school). I do tell readers to call me. The sign-off is equally directed to readers, and myself.I get so many supportive comments, and my kids get ALL of me. It does feel good to disconnect )

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