Urban Nine Patch LOVE! :) 
This pattern is a customer favorite and a personal favorite of ours. The curves and designs this pattern creates is mesmerizing! 

And, the quilting just adds to the beauty of this design! So many quilting possibilities!

This pattern is so versatile. The flow of this design changes drastically depending on which fabric and colors are used. Some of our costumers have demonstrated this beautifully!

Sherilyn is itching to get her Urban Nine Patch finished! She has a few others ahead of this one but can't wait to get back to it! It is one of her personal favorites! :)

Even the graphics are fun and exciting!

But going from graphics to an actual 
quilt is the most exciting of all! :)

What are some of your favorite Sew Kind of Wonderful patterns?

~Sew Kind of Wonderful~

January 15, 2015 by Jenny

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