We are excited to participate in the Black & White Blog Hop today!


We had the opportunity to meet Jennifer Sampou last fall and fell in love with her new fabric collection "Black & White" by Robert Kaufman.  We were flattered when she asked if we wanted to participate in her Blog Hop promoting her new fabric line!

Jenny new right away she wanted to pair up her "Black & White" with a solid aqua (Kona: Azure).  She also wanted to show how fun it would be to take one of our current designs and change it up a bit.  

These fun contemporary blocks were made using the Quick Curve Ruler and our Metro Twist pattern!  Didn't they turn out beautiful with the "Black & White"!

Jenny started quilting it up yesterday and although she loves how it's turning out, she doesn't love all the start and stops but is excited to finish it and use it as a table runner.

Next up is what Helen designed using the "Black & White" fabrics!

She is calling this "BIG X little o".  Helen used a variety of Robert Kaufman's Kona Greens to go with the "Black & White"  and the "o's" were cut out using the Quick Curve Ruler, then appliqued on to the quilt. 

Helen is using the QCR Sidekick rulers to create these fun curved lines!  

Now for some fun Giveaway's!!  Jennifer is giving away this beautiful fq tour of her "Black & White" collection!  More information on this Giveaway can be found here!

....and we are giving away this fun Taquito Pack along with our new QCR Sidekick longarm ruler set!

Giveaway is over....Thanks! 

Giveaway is over....Thanks!  
To enter the Giveaway: Leave a comment, letting us know what color you would pair up with Jennifer Sampou's "Black & White"! Just one comment please and the winner will be announced Monday morning.

The Black & White Blog Hop schedule is below.  We are so excited to follow the blog hop and see all the beautiful creations made with Jennifer Sampou's new fabric line "Black & White"!!

January 23 JenniferSampou.comRobert Kaufman Blog
January 24 Jenny Pedigo and Helen Robinson-Sew Kind of Wonderful blog
January 25 Teresa Coates- Fabric Depot
January 26 Amy Gibson- Stitchery Dickory Dock
January 27 AnneMarie Chany- Gen X Quilters
January 28 Casey York- The Studiolo
January 29 C&T Publishing - Stash Books
January 30 APQ- All People Quilt
January 31 Angela Pingel
February 1 Angela Walters / Janice Zeller Ryan
February 2 Sarah Sharp
February 3 Dritz- Make Something
February 4 Nicole Daksiewicz- Modern Handcraft
February 5 Liesel Gibson- Oliver + S
February 6 Christopher Thompson / Natalie Barnes
February 7 Jennifer Sampou Wrap up
February 9 Jennifer Sampou Announce Winner. Must have comment in by February 9th on my 1/23 opening blog post.

January 24, 2015 by Jenny


Kathie L

Kathie L said:

Green is my favorite color, so that would be used, maybe also with a shot of blue. what a great double gift – fabric and your ruler! wonderful.

lisa m

lisa m said:

Hmm, so many favrics, so little time! I think i would try a mustard yellow.


Abby said:

I have always wanted to try lime green with black and white.


Rhonda said:

Every color of the rainbow!!


Rosemary said:

Love the black and white combo. Gee, you could use yellow or red, but I’m looking for a small-medium size B/W print for a border on a multicolored print that has some black in it, but also other colors.. Have to take a look at the collection!


Pam said:

Thanks for sharing these gorgeous quilts! I think almost any color would be gorgeous with the black and white fabrics. I would use a raspberry color.

Michele Timms

Michele Timms said:

I love the Aqua with Jenny’s fabric, gives it a classy appeal and I am in absolute awe with the quilting… Wow!


mary said:

I’d choose a bright orange to go with the black and white.


Sarah said:

I would pair the black and whites with not one color, but a group of jewel tones. I love wearing those colors too.

Linda Webster

Linda Webster said:

My choice would be hot pink. Thanks for the chance to win.

Carol Barringer

Carol Barringer said:

I would love to try neutrals: brown, gray, and black with gold. The wonderful thing about black-and-white is that it pairs with anything, and is great without adding color, too.


Audrey said:

Beautiful quilts, beautiful colours. I think that I would like to try a raspberry pink with Jennifer’s black and whites but that would be just for starters. Everything goes so well with black and white that the first quilt would be one of many using the line. Thanks for sharing and for offering a giveaway as well.


Janie said:

The quilting is simply stunning. I would use an orange color with the black and white.

Vicki H

Vicki H said:

I would add a bit of yellow to make it shine.

Sandy K

Sandy K said:

I would choose to add some red to make it pop.

Janet T

Janet T said:

Purple, teal, or lime green come to mind. It would depend on what the pattern was as to what color would look good.


Cecilia said:

Wow! I love the quilting! I would pair it with Melon. But most colors would look great with this line. Your ruler looks great and I would love to try it. Thanks for the great giveaway.


Betty said:

I would love to use a rich turquoise with the black and white. And I’m SOOO glad to have found your ruler and have fallen in love with your patterns, esp. Deco the Halls! Many thanks for the chance to win.

Debbie Rogowski

Debbie Rogowski said:

I’m so excited, I’m learning to long arm and have zero tools for the long arm. Ok so with the black and white I would love to try something different. Maybe something like green to show that life can emerge from the darkness.


DebrafromMD said:

I would pair those prints with lime green.

Nancy Angerer

Nancy Angerer said:

I want to make a black, white, and yellow quilt and have already collected quite a bit of those colors. Red would also make a striking quilt when teamed with the black and white.

Cathy Nauman

Cathy Nauman said:

I would use lime green, have always wanted to use lime with black and white. Love the fabrics and am totally in love with your ruler and patterns.


Karrie said:

I’d pair the black & white collection with lime green or red. Would love to play with your ruler too:-)

Carol Y

Carol Y said:

I love both these quilts and I never would have thought to pair them with the azure. I think I would make a green and B&W in a heartbeat though.


MoeWest said:

I love yellow with black and white! Thanks for the giveaway. Helen’s curved quilting lines look great!


karen said:

I’d probably add some mustard yellow, but it would be hard to stop with just one color.


Linda said:

I would use red for what we use to call accented neutrals. Very interesting and pretty collections as well as neat rulers.


Kathy said:

I’d use HOT pink since my granddaughter loves pink sooooo much.

Nicole Sender

Nicole Sender said:

I love your choice of mixing the black & white with kona greens. I think I would try red.

Ann Armstrong

Ann Armstrong said:

This collection is calling me to a bright/hot pink and raspberry red combo. I taught a class this week on your abacus pattern and quilt and we had a blast. I LOVE your patterns. Thank you for great, clear directions that are fun to share!


Denise/Folsom said:

I love working with black and white I would add yellow!

Deb Wolf

Deb Wolf said:

Bright like solid along with lime stripes and dots!!

Deb Wolf

Deb Wolf said:

Darn spell check! I meant LIME not like!!!


Beth said:

I’m feeling plum. Thanks for the giveaway!


laurie said:

Thanks for a chance at some yummy fabric! I am thinking maybe an old gold color.

Diane Beavers

Diane Beavers said:

Kona in Breakers, Coral. (I love Kona Azure and Aqua too:) The quick curve ruler is on my wish list, I’ve never ever cut or quilted curves and I’m so anxious to try. Jenny—the quilting is absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing and thank you so so much for the chance to win some Black and White from Jennifer Sampou.

Toni Arnold

Toni Arnold said:

I would use teal and lemon yellow. I love the quilting designs in the b & w with aqua quilt.

Kathleen Dalecio

Kathleen Dalecio said:

This new Black & White collection is very versatile. It would go well with any clear, contrasting color. I’d like to see how it works with Kona Solids Sangria!

anna brown

anna brown said:

pink……….I loved your look ty for sharing got a few ides……9 year breast cancer server so Pink is my color i would pair up…

Peggy Watkins

Peggy Watkins said:

My favorite color is orange. So maybe orange and some gray. Thanks for your amazing ruler and the generous giving. Your metro twist runner is a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing. Your quilting is amazing.

Heather McKenzie

Heather McKenzie said:

Deep red or burgundy would be stunning with the black & white.

Frances Quigley

Frances Quigley said:

I have been loving the teals. Also all the solids out lately are gorgeous. I hope I win so I can use all these colors.

Cathy Wilson

Cathy Wilson said:

Mint green, teal, and aqua. I’ve been gathering these colors for a quilt for my bedroom and would love to win!

Ellen Gordon

Ellen Gordon said:

I love the aqua that Jenny used. I would use that or maybe pink.


Karen said:

Finally! It’s so hard to find beautiful black and white fabric! I would love to mix it up with red or maybe green or purple…on and on…


Beth said:

I love the azure with the black and white. I would match yellow or red.


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