TEASERS!! And, Dallas - Here we come!! :)


This post is full of teasers!! :) We're just very excited about what we have in the works and want to at least share portions of what we are up to. Helen's busy at work with this awesome quilting! We can't wait to share this gorgeous quilt!
And Jenny working up something fantastic with the beautiful simplicity of yellow and white.

Sherilyn is working some magic with this scrumptious fabric! Yummy!! :)

And a couple more fabulous creations! 

So many secrets!! So much excitement!! :)

Also, we are looking forward to spending a few days together in Dallas! Thurs. Feb. 26 - Sat. Feb. 28. 
Dallas Modern Quilt Guild - Here we come! We are so excited! Here is all the information! We hope to meet some of you there! It's sure to be a great time! 

Happy Saturday Quilting Everyone! 

~Sew Kind of Wonderful~

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Ellen Gordon

Ellen Gordon

Wish you could have been at QuiltCon in Austin!!! Do you have plans to come to Central Florida? Love your ruler; love your patterns.

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