Twisted Blossom Alternative Layouts!

We hope everyone is having a fabulous summer!  We've loved seeing all the Twisted Blossom blocks on Instagram...#twistedblossom

A few of you have been playing with different layout options and they have been very fun!

 We thought it would be fun showing some different layouts to this fabulous block, that is if you ever feel compelled to make another quilt.

Don't forget to check in with us on Friday for our weekly giveaway!!

~Happy Sewing~

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C. Halasey

C. Halasey

Aloha, I am enjoying seeing all the finished blocks. I have one done. I was also confused about where to post comments for the weekly giveaway. Thank you for the alternative layouts.

Nancy M.

Nancy M.

Love the new design layouts! Just curious…are you taking winners from the comments left here or elsewhere? Reason I ask is that I am not seeing many other comments, and I know there are many. Thanks! Loving this challenge!

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