Our time spent in Houston at Market and Festival was fantastic!
We're so grateful for Leanna, Helen's daughter, and her husband Brandon. We're lucky they live in Houston and allowed us to send product to their cute and very neat apartment! Our boxes occupied a full corner of their home! We appreciated grandma's (mom - Sherril Passey) and Leanna's help setting up and working in our booth.

(A couple of hard workers and a couple of selfie takers! Lol!!)

Market was magical! We've decided we love this part of our jobs!

(A couple of really fun photo bombers from Australia!)

We had a few visits from some recognizable ladies! How fun for us!! :) Jen Kingwell, Alison Glass, and Jenny Doan!

Sherilyn's handsome son, Bennett, came to visit us as well! His muscles were quite timely! 

We had plenty of rainy days but the sun shown brightly as we spent a day, in between market and festival, visiting the Houston LDS temple. 

Landauer Publishing did a fabulous job, publishing and introducing our new book, One Wonderful Curve. The ladies at Laundauer are the friendliest and best ever! 

Festival kept us hoppin!! We had a huge positive response! Many quilters loving our new QCRmini, new patterns and new book, One Wonderful Curve.

We each took our turn demoing the Quick Curve Ruler and the QCRmini.  We're very glad there were 3 of us!

We definitely had our fair share of mishaps and funny moments. And, no, not that kind of mishap... ;) just a spilled coke! Dang! And that was such a cute outfit!  

We're sure going to miss beautiful Houston! Everyone was sooo friendly! Helen informed us that "Texas Friendly" is the term used for all the friendly people in Texas. So True! :)

Home Sweet Home! Our husbands and kids were sure happy to see us! A funny card Helen received from her husband, Lance, when she returned home. :)

The work never ends! But we love it! Orders getting shipped this week! 
And, in case you missed the announcement, our new book, One Wonderful Curve, our new QCRmini and new patterns are all now available on our website. sewkindofwonderful.com 

Happy Quilting everyone!

~Sew Kind of Wonderful~
Jenny, Helen, and Sherilyn

November 06, 2015 by Jenny

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