9 Essential Quilting Supplies for Beginners

Whether you've been quilting for thirty years or just a few, you have to start somewhere! 

Don't over-think, over-complicate, or over-spend - keep it simple! Here is a list of basic, but essential, quilting supplies that a person usually needs when starting out in quilting.

1. Sewing Machine
Don't overthink your machine! You could simply purchase a straight stitch machine  to meet your basic quilting needs. Better yet, start by asking your friends, family, neighbors, etc. if they have a sewing machine that they would like to sell or giveaway - I'm sure you know someone with a machine stuffed in a closet not being used! 

There are a couple features that we do recommend to look for when looking to own a sewing machine; these are needle up/needle down and a walking foot and/or a hopping foot. 

Tip: when purchasing a machine, test the weight of the machine; you want it to be heavy! Some of the newer machines are made of all plastic and are too light, which causes the machine to move when sewing large projects.

2. Cutting Mat

Cutting mats run all price ranges. Make sure you purchase one that is at least 18 x 24 inches - this will give you more room to cut your fabric! 

3. Rotary Cutter

Rotary cutters run in all sizes. The standard size is a 45 mm cutter. Start with this size, it is more universal and will work for the projects a beginner usually tackles. 

5. Quick Curve Ruler ;) 

A ruler gives your rotary cutter a guide for a straight (or curvy :)) cut. The Quick Curve Ruler gives you options of serving as a straight edge ruler and a curved ruler. Our ruler will give you the functionality of two rulers, for the price of one! 

You can find our Quick Curve Ruler and Mini Quick Curve Ruler by clicking HERE

6. Scissors 

Scissors are worth the investment! Buy the highest quality scissors that you can afford, nice scissors make a big difference! 

Tip: Do NOT cut (or let any one else cut) anything but fabric with your quilting scissors. Cutting anything other than fabric will dull your scissors and make them less effective. 

7. Needle & Thread

Keep it basic here - nothing fancy! Start with one medium/dark (we recommend a gray) spool of thread and one light spool.

Purchase basic and economical needles.

8. Seam Ripper

Don't overthink this one, keep it simple and affordable! Chances are you will purchase more of these in the future, as these seem to get lost easily ;) 

9. Iron & Ironing Board

If you already have an iron and ironing board, just use those! They will most likely work just fine for beginner projects. Helen, one of Sew Kind of Wonderful's designers used a basic $6 iron from Walmart for 5 years! 

Once you get more advanced in your quilting you'll probably want to invest in a nicer iron and pressing mat, but start with what you currently have! 

Here is Sew Kind of Wonderful's Director of Business Operations, Kimbra Lovgren's, quilting zone! Her mom gave her an old sewing machine she had lying around! Kimbra began quilting in January. 

What would you add to this list? What are some of your favorite sewing products and brands you would reccomend to a beginner quilter? Let us know in the comments!

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Pat Johnston

Pat Johnston

Lint brush and oil for that nifty machine. Machine maintenance is critical.



Straight pins are a must. ]

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