I recently found myself down a DEEP internet rabbit hole consisting of 1980s fashion. You know how it goes.... one minute you're looking at crockpot recipes and the next thing you know you're looking up symptoms of time-space Synesthesia; one google search always leads to ten others! So there I am, three o'clock on a Tuesday browsing through 1980s windbreakers on Ebay, naturally.

1980s Windbreaker1980s Windbreaker1980s Windbreaker


The color-blocking on these jackets had my brain spinning with quilt possibilities! I am usually an earth-toned, secondary colors paired with a solid neutral type of quilter, but how could I resist some black and white with color blocking?! Helen (my mom) and I were at one of our favorite local quilt shops here in Mesa, Arizona and I found this CRAZY fabric. The worker at the cutting table was VERY curious as to what I could possibly do with it.

So here we are.... meet BREAKFAST CLUB


This quilt works up (very) quickly and it is "layer cake" and "charm pack" friendly; a perfect quilt for an adventurous beginner. If you're wanting to learn how to use the Wonder Curve Ruler©, you've found the right pattern! The blue line on the ruler is used for this quilt block. 

We can't wait to see how it looks in different fabrics... aka YOUR creations! Be sure to tag us in your social media posts. 

You can find Breakfast Club here.


Happy quilting friends!

-Kimbra Lovgren, SKW Marketing Gal

April 21, 2020 by Jenny/Helen Pedigo/Robinson


Allison C Bayer

Allison C Bayer said:

So, I can use my original QCR correct?

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