We want to remind all of our fabulous costumers that we have several fabulous free patterns always available on our website and make great gifts at this time of year! :)

This pattern is "Mini Trees" and it uses the QCRMini. 

(made by @shanschlosser)

(made by @imfeelincrafty)

This is "Fun Poinsettia" and it continues to be a favorite! This pattern uses the original QCR.

(made by @theunlikelyquilter) 

(made by @thesnarkyquilter)

"Chic Stars" pattern, another great 
Christmas pattern using the original QCR.

(made by @scrappynhappy)

And for those Spring and Summer projects here's our popular "Spring Fling"...

 (made by @quiltingismybliss)

(made by @quiltingismybliss)

...and our fun "Twisted Blossom"! These both use the original QCR.

(made by @troyviewquiltstu...)

 (made by @uhenique_quilting)

(made by @visaliaquilter)

Our brand new free pattern for this holiday season takes the form of an awesome ornament and uses the QCRMini. It is currently in the works and will soon be available! We think you're going to love it! Stay tuned for this great free pattern! :)

All of our free patterns can be accessed here. They work up quickly and make great gifts!

We hope you're all enjoying this fabulous time of year and are, of course, finding plenty of time to do what we all love, QUILTING! :)

~Sew Kind of Wonderful~

December 01, 2016 by Jenny


Deborah frazier

Deborah frazier said:

I have several of your patterns and youtr book. I was told in one of the quilt shops if I have mod pineapples there is an easy way to convert this to pumpkins. They said there was instructions in your web site. I can’t find them. Is this so. Please help. Thanks a bipinch

Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell said:

Thanks for posting these great images and patterns. Especially the quilting! I’m always looking for images of quilting to get ideas for “how to quilt it” in my own. Sadly want to alert you that a group of spammers that steals others images and uses them on facebook to draw the unsuspecting to their own “free pattern” bait-and-click sites has posted one of yours. Here is the link to one of their posts. https://www.facebook.com/groups/244481002658165/permalink/375253299580934/

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