#SEWPINK Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative With ByAnnie







Hello! As many of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month! We are happy to join ByAnnie in their #SEWPINK initiative. In Doing so we have created a FREE pattern of the breast cancer pink ribbon symbol with our new ruler, Wonder Curve Ruler©. This pattern will be available October 21st on our website. The Wonder Curve Ruler© will also be available (for pre-ordering) on sewkindofwonderful.com on October 21st. Link to the Youtube pattern tutorial is below! 

Please use the hashtag #SEWPINK when sharing images of this pattern online, as the purpose is to drum up support and awareness!      

The #SewPink Initiative was created by ByAnnie.com LLC to raise awareness for breast cancer during October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. They have pledged to raise funds to donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation through sales and to promote action through giveaways.

To see the calendar of events visit: https://www.byannie.com/2019-SewPINK#calendar

For more information please visit the official #SewPINK information page: https://www.byannie.com/2019-SewPINK

To donate directly to the BCRF visit: https://give.bcrf.org/give/31404/#!/donation/checkout

ByAnnie will be donating 30% of profits on all SewPINK items sold at their web store. You can search for SewPINK items on their website or see the list of items here: https://www.byannie.com/index.php?route=product/search&search=sewpink

Thank you! 

-Sew Kind of Wonderful

*Block is 14 x 21 in