Today's Tuesday Tips - Detailed picture tutorial -squaring up Metro Hoops!

Place an 8" or larger square up ruler over block. 

Next - lining up specific points on ruler to specific points on block. 

Using a sharpie marker, make a dot on the 3" and 5" marks on ruler and on the 6",6" and the 2",2" intersection on diagonal line on square up ruler.
(Notice the circled sharpie marker dots)

 As close as possible, line up the 5" dots on the triangle seam and the 6",6" (diagonal) intersection dot on the curved seam.

And line up 3" marks on triangle seam and 2",2" (diagonal) intersection dot on curved seam. 

Holding ruler firmly, trim right and top edges.

Lift square up ruler, turn block 180* and line up trimmed edges with 8" lines on ruler, trim remaining edges.

 The important part about squaring up these blocks is that the triangles are the same size so the points match up and there is approximately the same distance from the point to the curve. 

We hope these tips will help. :)

-Sew Kind of Wonderful-

August 12, 2014 by Jenny


Robin Densford

Robin Densford said:

I can’t tell you how much finding this, made my day. I spent days on end trying to figure out how best to square up these blocks and just when I’d decided to pack it away in a UFO bin, thought to check here to see if there were more clear instructions. Thank you . . .got all 80 blocks squared up last night and will, hopefully have this ready to quilt tomorrow.


Ben said:

great last minute tip! will deetniifly try it out, even though i stick my bows on at the very last minute so they don’t get squished and fall off in the car.


Mary said:

Hi Jenny, thank you for these instructions, but my block is not large enough to square to an 8" block. Any ideas?


Geri said:

I was completely lost. I’m glad I searched for this. Thank you for posting!


Mike said:

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Karen Conner

Karen Conner said:

Will you please show how to square up the blocks on the Mini Penelope?
Also will you please show how to square up the curved sets on the Mini Penelope?
I made 1 block but those 2 steps were unclear to me and it showed in my finished block.
Thank you


Margie said:

Is there a video for the metro hoops block?


Gloria said:

Do you have a video of how to do the metro hoops blocks? Also, what size are the blocks?

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