Yay it's Saturday and time to spotlight yet another very talented lady!
Many of you are probably already aware of this very talented quilter. Her name is Teresa Silva from 

In 2012 she  made this beautiful Urban Nine Patch
Again, another stunning version of this popular pattern. Lets just let the pictures speak! :)

Teresa studied many of Jenny's quilts and received inspiration from her when trying to decide how to quilt this one. 
And... since Jenny is not writing this particular post, we're going to brag on her for a moment. Teresa said,

"I have known Jenny since I started longarm quilting...I admired her style so much.  She even took the time to email me and answer any questions I had as a new longarm quilter!  I couldn't believe this awesome lady would take the time to contact me.  I tell people all the time how she helped me right from the start.  I then watched as her ruler and then all her patterns started coming out and just had to try them.  I've made several of her designs and of course I like to try and quilt them half as great as she does!" 
Well, as someone who knows Jenny very well, I have to agree! She is awesome! I've often times referred to her as Super Woman! Ok, enough of that before I get in trouble! ;)

Teresa, thanks for letting us feature you and your gorgeous quilt! 

Happy Saturday Quilting everyone!! :-)

-Sew Kind of Wonderful-

Quilt, Eat, Sleep....In that order!! 

August 09, 2014 by Jenny

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