Finished my Mod Olives quilt!

I had fun coming up with 24 different feather designs for each block!

I'm happy with my feathers for the most part.  Some were kind of the bottom left one in the picture above.  Looks like toes.

Half way through the quilt I thought of a great quilting design for the print diamonds and had to do one out of curiosity.  It's the bottom left block in the picture above.

My favorite feather is the top left one in the picture above.  Love that one!

I really like the quilting in the background diamonds.  It helped give consistency to this quilt.  This quilt is quilted a little to busy for my liking but it was fun coming up with a bunch of feathers and hopefully I was able to give some of you some feather quilting ideas.  I of course can't take credit for all these feathers.  I have been inspired by some of them through some very talented quilters over the  past 7 years.

I always love looking at the before and after quilting pictures.

I like the black and white binding.  It helped the quilt feel grounded to me.

Hope you all are finishing up your Mod Olives quilt tops.  Looking forward to seeing them all!

March 06, 2014 by Jenny

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