I've just started quilting up my Mod Olives quilt!  Should be fun!  I've challenged myself to do a different feather on each of the 24 blocks.....why?  Because I get to bored if I do the same thing over and over and over....and to give you all some feather ideas for your own Mod Olives quilt!

I've done up 3 so far.

Only 21 more to go!

...and if you happen to be in the Spokane, WA area this weekend, I'll be there on Saturday!  Come see me and sign up for a Metro Rings class!  

Details are above.

March 04, 2014 by Jenny



Theresa said:

Love it. Is there a Mod Olives pattern?


BaladaBleep said:

How cool that you are in SF for your filming. A great place.I am extecid to see what you have modern quilting-wise because we have just started a Modern Quilt Guild in our small town and online classes are the way to get talent here that we can afford.


Tammy said:

Is there a pattern available for mod olives?

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