Mod Olives QAL ~ Day 1!!

The Mod Olives QAL starts today! 

You will find the tutorial on the next post and a pdf download too.

It's a late one for me so I hope the instructions are clear!

The QAL will run for 6 weeks.  You will need to make 4 Mod Olive blocks a week.  We will check in with you all every Saturday and share the progress on our own Mod Olive blocks too.

Be sure to join the Mod Olives Flick group so we can see your blocks in progress and thanks so much for joining!  It should be fun and happy Mod Olive sewing!

~Sew Kind of Wonderful~

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Beyond which I have nothing to offer, expcet this trifle of wasted erudition:The olive and the ear wax sitBetween the eardrum and the pit:Where one may fail the other standsTo save the ear from tiny hands.Tiny hands would pluck and shoveThe pit inside to silence love:Though love admonishes restraintThe child who listens yet born ain’t.The olive rots with passing yearsBut wax is faithful and adheres,Expecting love to set it freeFor long waxed ears wane faithfully.The wax unpunctured shall receiveAt last a love it can believe:Amid the dross of praises sung The olive-taster’s probing tongue. from The Alliance of Aristaeus and the Snakes of Apollo, attributed to Bozophon the Lesser (Badenov’s translation).



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