3 more days!

Just 3 more days till the "Mod Olives" QAL starts!  Are you ready?

I just finished another block and was reminded of how really simple this block is.

We are looking forward to the QAL!  Remember to join the "Mod Olives" Flickr Group and share your fabric choices.

~Sew Kind of Wonderful~

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cammydude, seriously, I msesid this one but this is so hilarious .I also liked the pepsi one with the husband and wife where at the end the wife throws the can and accidently hits the jogger girl, that really made me laugh. But this I think could take the cake. the licking of the finger and the smelling of the pants .I am laughing all over again!



Hi dear Nettie, glad to hear everything is ok :)What a great creama! The quality of the photos is great! I should get something like that since I will be studying in art school and apart what I want, I will need to do photography alsoAndy Warhol effect looks really cool :) pop-art styleWish you a good night and sweet dreamsLoveEna :*

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