Weekend shopping!

I picked up some fun fabric this weekend! 

   Just one more week before the kids are out of school for two weeks.  That means just one more week of quilting, without a hundred interruptions!

I also wanted to check in to see how your Fun Poinsettia's are coming along!

We would love to see them!  We have a Fun Poinsettia Flickr Group or you can email me a pic so I can share it here on my blog.

Hope everyone is enjoying this Holiday Season!

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Shyna is so adorable. The enirte black and white motif sort of reminds me of oreo cookies and cream. Anyway, just would like to that you for visiting my humble blog. And also for liking a post. It means a lot to me that I ma have in some way touched a life with one of my post.More power to you and Shyna!

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