Fun Poinsettia's!

 Isn't this a super fun runner for the Holiday's!  

 We've got a free tutorial to share with you on how to make this simple "Fun Poinsettia" block, using the Quick Curve Ruler.

Click here, to view and download your free pdf "Fun Poinsettia" block.
20 1/2" x 20 1/2"

I made 3 blocks and put them together to make a runner, but I think a whole bunch of these would make a fabulous quilt.  You could do up one for a darling pillow too!

I wanted to make my poinsettia's to match my kitchen.  Helen is making hers in more traditional holiday colors.  They really take on a different look and I love the spinning petals created with this block!

So if you are in need of a fun little holiday treat for yourself or need to make up a last minute gift for someone, than this is a perfect quilt project for you!  Fun, fast and best of all....super easy!!  

We've started a Fun Poinsettia Flickr Group for those of you that want to share your Poinsettia's with us and each other!  We would love to see what you come up with!

Have fun and occasionally we'll check in to see how your "Fun Poinsettia's" are coming along!

~Jenny and Helen~

November 25, 2013 by Jenny



Vinicius said:

Hey Emma! I am so happy to hear that you baked these and other things from the blog and liked them! Hahah but the food prscsoeor makes them and you don’t have to bake them or wait for them to chill before you eat or anything so they are pretty lazy you can sit down at a table and roll them! Happy to hear that they all got gobbled up too!


Yusuke said:

I can’t keep Oreos in the house because I will sesuiorly just sit and keep dunking them in milk until they are all gone These are so pretty I love the way you presented and photographed them, you have such talent!!


Diane said:

The file for this "Click here, to view and download your free pdf “Fun Poinsettia” block." indicates it is in your Trash. I am unable to download it.
It’s so Wonderful. I would Love to make it.


Davena said:

Your link to get free pattern is not working. How Can I get this beautiful pattern. I have your amazing ruler. Thanks


Lucy said:

How can I get your free pdf "Fun Poinsettia pattern? There is no pattern to download.

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