In case you mist my last post, I'm trying out some new batting.
 I think I like it??  My tension is super good.  I kind of wish there was just a bit more loft....but I've just begun and time will tell...and I have no idea where I'm going with my quilting??

Ok...then, what to do...what to do??

September 19, 2013 by Jenny



Rafa said:

Oce9ane: haha, Johan hates having his photo taken so yeah, it was like that: just go on with it!=)Sleep well!Brianna; Thanks and the same to you;=)Oce9ane; And thakns, I ll check that movie out for sure;=) i love to watch movies every night;=) And I have forgotten to say that I am so happy for you to get that surgery scheduled finally!=)Ena; Hi! yeah, its an impressive camera and you can send sms and mms through it too. So like a phone but you cant call;=)Jade; Hi and thakns;=) Beatrix: Hi! Yeah, its my new “toy” and I normally dont get so exited about technical stuff but this camera is so fun and easy to work with;=) And yeah, the Warhol effect is cool;=) Sleep well now!


Veronique said:

I like your thoughts and list. I have Spring cleainng in my thought, too. I am making my way through our home, slowly but surely. I have also, recently started an everlasting meal . I am truly enjoying it. A wonderful book! Thank you for recomending it here.

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