I feel like I've been on the hunt for "the perfect batting" for a long...long time!  Everytime I go to Quilt Market, I check out the Batting Company booths in hopes to come across
"the perfect batting".  

I've tried lot's of different batting's and every kind of combination of batting's you can think of.  

My idea of a perfect batting would be a bleached, with a 1/4 loft but still have some weight to it.  So while I was at the local fabric store today to pick up some thin polyester batting to double up with a warm and white batting (not my favorite combo but better than double warm and white because of the weight),  I came across a bleached batting by Pellon, 50/50 cotton and poly.  Oh my gosh!! I got so excited!  Did I actually find the "the perfect batting"?

Here it is and I hope like heck that I'm going to love it and my batting issues will be solved!!

I've loaded my "Medallion Quilt" back on to the longarm and can't wait to test this batting out!  My only fear is....skipped stitches.  My machine tends to do that with 100% poly batting's.  Hopefully the 50% cotton will be just enough to trick my fussy longarm!  Hopefully!

September 19, 2013 by Jenny



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