This quilt is all about pebbles and swirls and petals.....along with the beautiful machine embroidered flowers and birds.

2 rows done...3 more to go!

September 14, 2013 by Jenny



Leila said:

Here is the post were Melissa lays out some ideas and I thought I would share what I am tniyrg to accomplish this month. Now I have major plans for every single weekend in April (Clay’s Mom in town, Clay’s Birthday, a Bachelorette Party in Pittsburgh and a Wedding in North Carolina) so I tried to focus on slightly smaller tasks that I could do during the week.


Shashi said:

Melissa at Freeing Imperfections is hosting an oriognzatian challenge for April. She has options for participation. The first is to choose 8 different oriognzatian tasks across several areas to complete over the course of the month. The second is to choose one area to focus on and complete 5 tasks in that specific area. You can read more about the challenge on Melissa’s introductory post.


Kimeneki said:

great blogger frenids. My friend Krystel & I from Army Wife 101 created & completed the 30 Day Military Spouse Photoaday Challenge. I was also able to team up with Verizon Wireless as a Brand Ambassador and with Smooth Fitness as

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