Thanks for Input on the ???? Quilt!

I wanted to say a big thanks for all the input on this quilt!

...and apparently the unique shape in this quilt took on many different character's!!  

Baby Rattles
Wine Goblets
Sugar Spoons
Hour Glasses...stretched out
Egg Cups x 20
Q tips
Paris Mannequin 
Hour Glasses
   Lava Lamps x 10
"Cute" Eye Shadow Applicator's
Circus and Juggling
  Spoon Full of Sugar
 Ice Cream Wooden Spoons
 Hard boiled eggs in fancy dishes
Bikini Tops 
Tall egg cups with egg on top
Magic Mushrooms
Ice Cream Cones
Funky ice cream social
Flower vases
"Ice Scream for Ice Cream"

So now what??

Majority thinks it is worthy for a pattern.  I'm thinking I'll probably re-do it in different prints, colors and fabrics.

It was so much fun reading all the comments and LOVE...LOVE...everyones take on this quilt!

Maybe I should call it:
"Metro Mystery" 



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