Melissa @ Happy Quilting is doing a really fun week long "Celebrate Mom" event on her blog!  She's having guest bloggers every day this week talk about life at home as a mom, quilter, blogger and everything else mom related! 

There are also some great giveaway's too!!

What a fun way to celebrate Mother's Day!

Thanks Melissa! 



Dina said:

My favorite book for mildde age kids is The Thirteenth Princess written by none other than Diane Zahler. It is my favorite book because it pulled you into the story from the very first sentence until the very last word. I literally read it in one sitting. It made me wishing and wondering for more. Sometimes it is hard to find a good book but this one hit the jackpot! it was crammed full of fantasy and magic. It was jam-packed full of everything a girl like me would want to read about. It also made me really excited when your second, third, and now fourth books came out.


Angelica said:

hitting in retaliation is like if you were to hit me I would hit you back and be like no . Self denefse is when someone is putting your life in danger and the only way of avoiding this danger is self denefse. Thus being said there are abuses to both of these. Like you heat me then I beat the shit out of you is an abuse. Or some one comes at you with a bat hits you once and you deck him (knock him out) and you continue to beat him up until he is dead. These are both abuse of these terms.


Shote said:

I don’t like the term gay marriage beascue it goes so much beyond that. It’s marriage equality. It isn’t fair that marriage has so much gender at all. If (hypothetically) i am a lesbian identified man, and I wish to marry someone who is physically female but identifies differently, we are not gay but we are not straight. But we love each other and want to get married, why does anyone have the right to tell us no?

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