"Curve it up" Block Border

Since completing my "curve it up" blocks, I've been thinking of ways to put them together.  I knew I didn't want to put them on point, so that was ruled out.  I knew I wanted some sort of sashing and wanted them to float.  

 A few days ago I had an idea in my head and after drawing it out on paper, thought it just might work.

Yesterday, I added the border to this block and loved it right away!  I contemplated on what color to use for the border and decided on a plum which looks fantastic with the orange and aqua!

I couldn't wait to add more borders on to my blocks.  I got 3 more done today.

Now.... I'm really loving how it's turning out.  I love how it makes each block stand out and it really directs your eye to look at the individual blocks.  It also creates a great secondary design!

Okay...so, if you love this as much as I'm loving it...I did up a little tutorial on the next post showing how to do it.

...and you thought you were done...he...he...he!


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