DWR ~ Decisions

It seems there is always something I am indecisive about when working on a quilt project.

I'm really loving how the yellow and gray curves are turning out.  Now I have to decide on my triangle corners.  I need two contrasting colors.  White is not an option because that is the background fabric for the rings.  I've narrowed it down to two different options.

The obvious choice would be yellow and gray.

The gray is a nice warm gray and the yellow (if I go for yellow) I'm not sure is the right shade of yellow....this is a maybe?

...and then there is this option

A light taupe or khaki and a darker gray.  The previous gray did not give me enough contrast next to the taupe.  This option seems kind of boring....but it wouldn't distract from the great yellows in the rings.  I'm a little worried the first option, with the yellow may be to distracting...and will I only see yellow triangles if going with that choice?

....decisions, decisions...and that is why we all love to quilt!  I think we love the challenge and love when we hit  a road block like this, I do!

...and just because

My sweet little Ty, taking a nap.  There's nothing more peaceful than watching a baby sleep. ;o)


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