Of course I only want quilts for my baby and of course don't have the time to piece a whole bunch for him....so I thought of an easy way to make a few quilts with a quilted look but a whole lot less work!

 I fell in love with this print from Malka Dubrawsky when it first came out and thought it would be a perfect top for one of my blankets.  I'm simply stitching around each circle a row at a time.  

This print is from "Bella" by Lotta Jansdotter.  I'm also just stitching on the lines and because the lines are slightly irregular, I'm not using my channel lock.....just my eye as I stitch.

...and to make it easier, I sewed 3 different flannel backs together before loading on the longarm.  I'll get 3 blankets quilted up at once.

....now don't get me wrong, I definitely plan on piecing some quilts for the baby...but of course!!

January 05, 2013 by Jenny

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