I'm finally feeling a little excitement about the baby coming.  I haven't felt ready at all and with the help of my kids and my husband, we have been making some changes and moving forward step by step in getting ready for the baby.  

We are putting the baby in with my two youngest boys and had to make room for a crib.  With everyone having some time off of work and school we were able to work on the boys room and boy was it a disaster!!   We moved all the toys down stairs, took out a broken up dresser and built some shelves in the closet so we had a place to put the boys clothes.

The boys room has been red and tan forever and has needed to be "boy'd" up for a very long time.....so we painted it turquoise and it looks so much better.  

It's bright and bold and I love it.  I've never been afraid to put color on my walls....if you could only see the many layers of colors I have on my walls.

About a year ago, I picked up some "shower curtains" for really cheap at my work and a few nights ago, I cut them up....added a band of material near the top.  They turned out fine....good enough for me and very cheap too.

We then found a used crib and with my husbands refinishing skills, re-sprayed it black and put it together last night.

...now so far it's been a very inexpensive re-do up until yesterday when I thought I would pick up some material to make some flannel baby blankets!!!!!

Yes, this beautiful stack of prints and flannels sure added up!

I should be able to make quite a few blankets though and I do love the colors I picked out!  

I've done up a post on "Backing Material" today on my other blog, if you want to check it out.


January 03, 2013 by Jenny

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